this website will be a re-creation website of the old 2006-2007 Japanese Ouran site hosted on Both English(fan translated) and Japanese. WIP.

Page updates:

I may or may not include the other summary soon as I figure out how you were suppose to access them on the old site....

Update 11/26/22: Project still going strong. This is a side project run by just one guy (meee...) so obviously I can't tend to it 24/7. Orz. Currently struggling getting some things working when it comes to the character page + staff page...I'm nothing if not persistant, however. Dunno when this turned into a progress journal. In the meantime check out my other ouran-related website if you're bored (flashing lights warning):

Update 1/30/23: Hey it's been a hot second. Just got finished making the JP introduction page:) here's a side-by-side:

Original SWF - Recreation

yeah, it isn't perfect, there's still a lot i want to fine-tune on many pages and in general... but we're getting there!

Right now, I'm trying to work out the animations used on the character page. javascript my behated but my be...respected.

that's all for now :)

Update 2/4/23: Just finished the staff page! But I may go back and chose new fonts for the Eng version. Same with the intro page. Also, to the maybe 1 person who is keeping up with this, you may have noticed I used the wrong copyright information in my recreation!!! Whoops :P I fixed it. They were so similar at a glance I hadn't even noticed!

Update 2/6/24: It's been a WHOLE YEAR?? YEESH! TIME FLIES! Project isn't abandoned! Life is just suuuuper busy. And this isn't exactly at the top of the priority list...but I do want to work on it again sometime. I received a comment from someone (won't name them in case they're uncomfortable with that) who requested there be a button to link this site to. I do in fact have one! The old Ouran site actually came with a button (well, less of a button and more of a badge that signified what the website was about), so I edited it to be in English. Therefore, you can choose to have an English or Japanese button...or both!